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At Always in Plus, we are your comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency mining services, offering everything from hosting and equipment provision to dedicated maintenance and expert consulting. Our services extend to specialized software development and engineering tailored for mining systems and the underlying infrastructure of data centers.

With a passionate team that has collectively dedicated over eight years to the spheres of mining and blockchain technologies, we've built an integrated ecosystem designed to usher innovative solutions to institutional investors. We recognized a significant gap in the market — a severe need for high-caliber, trustworthy partners in the mining sector. Given this scarcity, we stand out as unparalleled experts in blockchain mining and the orchestration of extensive data center systems exceeding 100 mW.

We're more than just service providers; we're pioneers leading the charge in the integration of crypto and high-tech advancements into large-scale structures, enabling their potent execution. Our commitment isn't just about meeting the existing standards; it's about setting new ones. That's why we continually push the boundaries by not only responding to the current needs of the market but also anticipating future challenges and opportunities. With Always in Plus, you're not just staying in pace with the digital evolution; you're always one step ahead.

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Driven by dedication to simplify and amplify your gains, we at Always in Plus transform complexities into opportunities. Annually, we materialize visions, delivering around four grand-scale facilities, each contributing to our 300 MW capacity. Yet, 2023 was a landmark year - our reach expanded as we set a new personal best, finalizing six global ventures
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  • The Neo-Tokyo Mining Expansion, Japan:


    Task: he client aimed to establish a new cryptocurrency mining operation within the metropolitan expanse of Tokyo, requiring an ultra-efficient, low-noise solution to comply with strict urban regulations.

    Energy Consumption: Targeted at an energy usage of 50 mW with a focus on sustainability.

    Solution: Always in Plus implemented a cutting-edge cooling system designed for densely populated areas, significantly reducing noise output. They integrated solar panels and collaborated with local suppliers for renewable energy, achieving a 60% green energy utilization rate, thereby minimizing the operation's carbon footprint and operational costs.

  • Blockchain Data Center in Singapore:


    Task: The project involved the design and establishment of a high-security blockchain data center intended for supporting various new cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups in Singapore.

    Energy Consumption: Approximately 70 mW, with a directive for energy efficiency.

    Solution: Always in Plus used BIM modeling for optimal utility system placement and heat dispersion, employing an innovative underwater cooling technology that leveraged Singapore's coastal location. Energy-efficient hardware was sourced, and smart software was developed for real-time energy monitoring and optimization, ensuring eco-friendly operation.

  • Crypto Valley in Silicon Valley, California:


    Task: To create a vast, scalable mining operation that could accommodate multiple tenants, each with differing requirements for space, security, and power in the heart of Silicon Valley.

    Energy Consumption: A substantial 150 mW due to the multi-tenant nature.

    Solution: Always in Plus engineered a modular design allowing for customizable spaces, with advanced security protocols for each module. They also brokered partnerships with renewable energy firms to supply green power, and installed Tesla Megapacks for energy storage, smoothing out consumption peaks and contributing to California's energy resilience.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Hub in New York City:


    Task: Operating at around 30 mW with a focus on energy retention.

    Energy Consumption: A substantial 150 mW due to the multi-tenant nature.

    Solution: The team established a hyper-scale data center with custom, low-latency software to handle vast transaction volumes. They employed state-of-the-art security measures, including AI-driven threat detection systems, and used energy regeneration technology to recycle heat produced by the servers.

  • Smart Mining Operation in Texas:


    Task: The client required a fully automated, smart crypto mining solution that could operate with minimal human intervention.

    Energy Consumption: Energy Consumption: Functioning at 40 mW, powered entirely by renewable sources.

    Solution: Always in Plus developed a proprietary AI system to manage the mining operation, from equipment optimization to predictive maintenance. The site was powered by wind energy sourced from local farms in Texas, and an advanced cooling system was installed, significantly reducing the energy requirements for temperature control.

  • Green Blockchain Initiative in Stockholm, Sweden:


    Task: Set up a sustainable blockchain data center that utilizes 100% renewable energy, aligning with Sweden's ambitious environmental goals.

    Energy Consumption: Functioning at 40 mW, powered entirely by renewable sources.

    Solution: Always in Plus designed a facility that runs solely on hydroelectric and wind power, tapping into Sweden's abundant renewable energy. The team further optimized energy use by employing Scandinavian cold-air cooling technology, reducing the need for artificial cooling solutions.

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